Bengkulu gets Rp 14.4t for infrastructure

The Jakarta Post, Bengkulu | Business | Mon, August 11 2014

Bengkulu Governor Junaidi Hamsyah has said his province has received funding worth Rp 14.4 trillion (US$1.22 billion) from the central government to finance various infrastructure projects, including the Bengkulu-South Sumatra toll road.

Junaidi said the funding was officially disbursed based on Presidential Decree No. 48/2014 on the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development (MP3EI).

“The funding will be allocated for 14 major projects, such as the Bengkulu-South Sumatra toll road and the development of seaports, roads, universities and so on,” he said as quoted by on Saturday.

Junaidi said the roads that would be improved were the 124-kilometer Bengkulu-Lubuklinggau (on the South Sumatra border) road, the 311.94-km Bengkulu-Mukomuko (on the West Sumatra border) road and the 239.51-km Bengkulu-Kaur (on the Lampung border) road.

According to Junaidi, the Bengkulu-South Sumatra toll road will accelerate the flow of goods and services from industrial areas in the two provinces to Pulau Baai Port in Bengkulu.

The government is set to undertake 12 projects worth Rp 26.9 trillion this year under its MP3EI programs.

Among the projects are the Porong-Gempol and Gempol-Pasuruan toll roads in East Java at a cost of Rp 2.76 trillion.


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